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Quick Surveys for Y O U

Soo...there's this kuja party that I have to go to on Friday night.  It's a costume party.  I procrastinate.  I need costume.  Please participate in my votes and help me choose::

1. geisha:: i can get a kimono...like a japanese...girl person...with a short black wig
2. dorothy:: from the wizard of oz
3. slytherin student at hogwarts.  i have official slytherin tie and scarf and i can borrow a hedwig stuffed thing
4. candy striper....Uber short red and white striped dress with apron and petticoat. 
5. renassance person with a gothic purple/black dress---the big addition is a nice wig with like the long hazel braids
6. random wizard with the gothic purple/black dress

Please type a comment with your answer/comments even if I've already asked you over AIM.  I want a good clean tally by Thursday after school

Quiz #2

I've decided the layout will be LOVE ACTUALLY.  And I found a site with amazing screen caps.  So many, in fact, that I'm at a loss for words.  I can't decide if I should make it one couple from the movie or a combo of a lot.  Choices::

Jamie and Aurelia--Colin Firth's character and the Portugese girl
Hugh Grant and Natalie--Hugh Grant as Prime Minister
Keira K. and the guy who had the secret crush--self explanitory
Sam and Joanna--The two little kids.
Some other couple
Mixture of diff couples

Please type a comment with your answer/comments even if I've already asked you over AIM.  I want a good clean tally by soon coz I want to get to work ASAP.

Interactive Post:: Help me pick a layout!

Voting time!  I finally got my internet working on my Windows XP, so now I need to make a new layout. 

1. Love Actually
with a big banner with all the characters across it blended together in different scenes and a really nice quote or two from the movie. 

2. The Beatles
not sure how to work this one yet.  tip: my favorite Beatle is Ringo

3. Some other movie

4. Some other selection from your mind

So please I BEG OF YOU tell me which one you think would be cute, and if you have any specific suggestions on #1 or 2 OR a great elaboration on another selection.  I am a very indecisive person, and that's why I love all my friends.

Also, if you know where I can find some good caps to use, PLEASE leave a link!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Layout Request (Please)


I really need a new layout.  This one has been around forever. 

Anyone care to help me out, oh graphically wonderful people?  My computer is not cooperating?  Leave a comment if you have a layout suggestion/ want to help me make a cute one. 


Ugh...I need a credit card or something...so many icons, so little space!

What is your opinion on whether absence makes the heart grow fonder or not?

I believe the answer to this question truly depends on a given time frame.  In the first few months after a person leaves, others naturally assume to see them shortly.  It simply does not sink in that they are not returning.  I believe that shortly after a person departs, the first memories of them to go are the bad ones.  The person increasingly becomes more interesting as only the positve moments in the relationship are higlighted.  People look forward to meeting with the person that has departed, not realizing truly that they will never meet again.

However, even the good memories must eventually fade out.  I would like to crudely compare it to starvation.  Carbohydrates leave a body quickly, as bad memories leave a mind.  Then, when fat is all that is left, it must be expelled as well for there is nothing to back it up.  After the good memories are almost gone, the realization of seperation becomes clear.  Those the departed has left behind continue to grow and change, until the one who has left has no place in their life anymore.  All hope and memory is through.  That is when the proverb 'out of sight, out of mind' begins to come in handy.

Isn't that depressing?  I was depressed when writing it.  This is because I reviewed a few things that I wrote around the 27th of May in my livejournal when Colin's departure was still fresh in my mind.  A lot of our times together have faded out so that I only hold a mere thread of memory anymore.  If my ideas have even a glimmer of truth, he's almost gone.  This is my last struggle, or withdrawal.  And that bothers me more than anything in the world.

The Joys of US history

Ah, my US History class is so productive...

Teacher:: So one of the things making trade in the colonies difficult is...?
Class:: ...?
Teacher:: ...pirates!  Good job!  Haven't any of ya'll seen Pirates of the Carribbean?  Great movie. 
Preppy!Girl:: Johnny Depp is sooooooo... Cute!
Teacher:: You know, I never liked Capt Jack Sparrow.  Do ya'll think he was just extremely flamboyant or outright gay as a maypole?  I mean, what straight man has wrists that limp?
Ditzy!Boy:: But he was drunk!
Teacher:: I worked in a bar and no drunkies ever went limp in the wrists.
Preppy!Girl:: *sharp intake of breath*  So you're saying...Johnny played a...gay pirate??

Wow.  I thought I was actually supposed to be recieving a good education at private school...

School Sucks. I know.

Indeed, school is majorly sucking.  My stupid English teacher accidentally recorded my summer reading test grade as a 44 instead of 99.  I thought my grade was a little low...I hope she changes it before grades close.  I need to study hard if I don't want all Cs.  Grade 11 is weird.  It's never been this rough before.  For everyone.  Even the valedictorian has to drop her physics class because it's so difficult.  And I might have to drop my elective because it's something I have to study for.  I need a study hall, not another class that I'm almost failing. 

More on school....Collapse )

I went to a beading party on Saturday.  It was very interesting...beading isn't really my thing but I made an alright silver and blue beaded bracelet that fits in school rules.  So my wrist is no longer naked!

I also forced them to watch Love Actually, one of my favorite movies.  You all should so totally watch it.  (Note the icon) They were taken aback by the nudity.  Honestly, I've discovered that nudity is a part of life.  It's our birthday suit, so if the nude body is not like particularly pornographic I see no problems.  On the other hand, they prefer Dawson's Creek.  I am the polar opposite of all those friends.  They are such...girls.  And then we watched 13 Going on 30 in the morning.  I don't like sleepovers because I think it's a waste to lose a ton of sleep talking about guys.  I think that's why we are growing apart...

Oh, and on Saturday morning I woke up at 9 and Harry told me about bowling at 11 so I had time to jump in the shower and make the hour drive.  Upon arriving, I discovered that it was 11 PM instead of AM and Harry's source was unreliable.  So it was just Harry and Tyler and I.  And we were bored.  We ended up fiddling around in Barnes & Noble and I had to drive Tyler to his suburb. 

Another Sept 11th Post

I don't think there can be too many posts in memory of September 11th.  This is because the more it stays in our minds, the less likely it is for history to repeat itself over and over.  Where was I?

I was in Algebra I in 8th grade. We always took turns bringing in food and this Catie girl brought in brownies. There was an announcement for us all to go to the great room to meet. We didn't believe it and watched tv the rest of the day. I felt horrid.  Little 5 year olds kept running around the school crying.  That was the worst.  The deep feeling in the pit of your stomach.

A few weeks after that day, I organized soda sales at our school.  I made sure profits went to The Red Cross.  Parents even sent their kids in with check amounting in a lot of money...anywhere from the required 25 cents for a drink up to $100.  That's kids.  And familes.  Trying to help.  Uniting for the common good.

That's America.

Now I ask.  Where were you on September 11th?  How did you feel?  What happened in the aftermath?  How do you think this affected America and Americans as a whole? Etc...I want to hear from you. 

Look Ma, a Hurricane!

Good, Bad, Happy, Sad

Ugh.  This Windows 98 I'm using shuts down every 5 minutes.  It will rarely let me reply to anything on someone's post.  So I'm reading them, people.  Just to let you know.  T.T

I feel better, for the most part.  My school week was two days.  Wednesday and Thursday.  My voice was gone all days.  When I had to speak one sentence, my voice would start normal, then get deeper and then just go away completely so that I was speaking but I was just squeaking and no words were leaving my lips.  Christine said I sounded like a boy going through puberty. 

Some bad things have happened to the people around me.  Father Kelly, an important priest in all our lives and our school priest, passed away.  He has leukemia, I believe.  He had been ill since I came to high school three years ago.  He passed on the 6th.  We don't have school today, Friday, for his funeral.  If we did have school, we would have no teachers.  The wake was in the gym after school Thursday. 

More About Death and How Fr Kelly Helped Us AllCollapse )

Also, my friends Sarah and Dani got in a car accident after school yesterday.  They were turning out of the intersection and got sideswiped and then some other cars got involved too.  One of their wheels fell off.  They went to the hospital for a check out.  I hope they are okay.  I've called so many times.

On a happy note, I saw Vanity Fair last night again.  This time it was weird because I went with guys.  Harry and Justin.  Justin hated it, as I expected.  I think Harry liked it.  He sorta had to leave right after to get home before 10. 

No More!

Thank you, Francis!!!!  (sorry, Floridians >.<)

Due to a rain band from the hurricane, the park is closed today, Labour Day, the last day of the season!!! Which means...